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Ashworth College is dedicated in endowing its students with education, morals and values regardless of his age and status, all in one convenient package. Its educational programs are designed in such a way that it becomes both elaborate and easily accessible no matter where you are in the world. Ashworth College aims to equip its students with the necessary knowledge and skills which will help them to be successful in their chosen career, be eligible for promotion, practice his profession and garner respect in the industry.

Ashworth College wants its students to be on the driver seat on his learning progress, using self-guided independent academics that are manageable, inexpensive and gratifying. The school also wants its students to study and learn at their own pace, schedule and deadlines. What’s great about Ashworth College is their dedicated support, wherein on-site tutors make sure that students get professional coaching and guidance, and is always just a click away. They also have what is called a “FasTrack” learning system that allows students to properly balance their time for study, family, work and leisure activities.

The diploma program for pharmacy technician extensively tackles everything that a pharmacy technician needs to know – this includes the indications of drugs, its side effects, the proper dosage and the method of administration for the most common types of medication. The student will also be given sufficient training on how to properly and accurately weigh, measure, compound, reduce and blend chemical components. He will also be taught standards in sterilization, infusion and solution preparation, use of proportions, equations and other related mathematical computations.

The program for pharmacy technician consists of 15 in depth instructions. Despite being very challenging, students will surely notice just how interesting lessons are, which in turn makes comprehension easier. Lessons all start by providing students with a quick glimpse of what to expect on a particular subject matter, including its goals and a personal message from their professor. A comprehensive glossary of terms is also included in every lesson to make things a lot more convenient for the student.

Also included in the pharmacy technician course is the reading homework. This includes practice sets which will facilitate and verify your learning progress, so that you’ll know how well you are doing and make the necessary adjustments. Each lesson ends with an online examination, which is usually in an open-book setting.

Pharmacy technicians report directly to licensed pharmacists, who are also their immediate superior. They play an important role in performing many technical and administrative tasks in relation to drug distribution. Examples of these responsibilities include the following:

1.) Accurate measurement and quantification of medicines

2.) Acquiring authorization from the doctor

3.) Keeping in touch with insurance companies

4.) Checking of inventories

5.) Processing of account data

6.) Printing of prescription numbers

7.) Preparation of billing statements of third-parties

8.) Requesting over-the-counter medicines

In the United States, it is estimated that over 50,000 pharmacies fill-up prescriptions totaling more than three billion each year. With the rapidly increasing number elderly people, as well as the continuous rise in the number and diversity of available medical treatments, the demand for both OTC and prescription drugs is very likely to increase at a surprising rate. This is good news for current and aspiring pharmacy technicians since the increasing demand for medications also means more job opportunities and better salary thresholds for this rewarding field in medicine.

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