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Becoming A Pharmacy Technician

It is critical that all pharmacy technicians embody the ability to be well-organized, orderly, self-motivated and possess strong listening skills. So, if you are considering a career as a pharmacy technician and wish to seek pharmacy technician training, it is best to take the following quiz to ensure the profession is right for you.

Could You Be A Solid Pharmacy Technician? Find Out By Taking This Quiz!

The day prior to a huge final exam has arrived. You have a number of friends that wish to go to the cinema. You, on the other hand, must study. You want to go to the movie and weight your decision. In the end, do you:

  1. Shirk your responsibilities. A person only lives once and your social life means more to you than the dullness of getting good grades. Just cram a short while before the final. You will be ok.

  2. You are indecisive about whether to stay home and study or opting to go to the move. You end up deciding going to the movie and then making a decision to head right home to study after the movie ends.

  3. Tell your friends directly that there is no way you will go to the movies and advise them they should be hitting the books as well.

You are currently an employee at the local corner drug store. An elderly woman walks through the door and wishes to pick up her medication. You inform her of the cost and she becomes belligerent and begins to loudly complain that the price is much too high. Do you:

  1. You roll your eyes. The woman is simply being a proverbial cheapskate and probably can afford it. She should not be lecturing to you about money. And, are you not too busy to deal with her complaints.

  2. You nod your head, pretending to care, and say something to the effect that "if that's all you need, we'll see you next time" and then you hope that she goes on her way never to return.

  3. You can sympathize with her. Your own grandmother can barely afford her medication some elderly people need to cut back on personal essentials just to be able to afford these prescriptions.

You have just completed filling out medications for a large order that took upwards of a half hour to finish. The pharmacist then informs you that you erred and put the wrong amount of heart medication in a prescription. You:

  1. Become offended. Doesn't the pharmacist realize people are entitled to a few mistakes every now and again?

  2. You are shocked. You had assumed that blue ones only came in 50 mgs no one told you they were 150 mg!

  3. You apologize profusely and make a mental note to be more careful since people’s lives are at stake with prescription errors.

You have been working at a hospital pharmacy the entire day. You are in charge of ensuring all the pharmacy medications are properly well-stocked. You are the last person to leave the hospital. However, you discover that someone forgot to return some bottles at their proper spot on the shelf. You are tired and want to leave, but you realize this might be an unwise move. Do you:

  1. a. Hit the lights and hit the door and get out of these asap? It is quitting time. You can put the bottles away tomorrow.

  2. Shelve the bottles wherever they land and then worry about proper placement first thing in the morning. At five o’clock, it is quitting time and you are out of there.

  3. Although you are tired and hungry, you know that the bottles must be properly shelved. So, you put them all in their proper place. This is your responsibility and you take it seriously.

John Smith comes to the pharmacy for a medication pick up. You look up his name and notice three different prescriptions come under the same name.

  1. Select the first one you see. The odds are that it is his, right?

  2. Ask Mr. Smith to verify his address. Surely there couldn't be more than 'John Smiths' living at Golden Age Retirement Village. And, if so, they both probably have the same condition.

  3. Pull all three orders, ask Mr. Smith his date of birth and address, and also verify which doctor prescribed the medication.

Are you now ready to find out if you would make a great pharmacy technician? Those that answered A on all questions will probably make a solid technician. Pharmacy technicians are people persons and have the ability to cope with a number of problems and can sympathize with customers in bad situations. Pharmacy technicians are good listeners and understand what is needed to listen to the pharmacist when presented with directions. When dealing with medications, pharmacy technicians realize that they are actually dealing with people's lives. They understand this is a big responsibility that requires vigilance. Being accurate and tidy are also vital qualities in a pharmacy technician. This will ensure you provide proper service to your customers.








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