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Kaplan University, which was formerly known as the American Institute of Commerce, was established in the year 1937 and has been leading many students to successful careers for more than 70 years now. The school is very much aware of the fact that people have different paths to take in their professional careers, which is why specially designed programs were created by the Kaplan Continuing Education (KCE) in order to continue the quality of online education that it has been very well known for. Kaplan University makes use of time-tested methods in teaching, which includes honing the students’ knowledge and skills to its finest, and giving them the most comprehensive career training to help them reach their goals in life.

Kaplan University is open for all individuals looking to achieve different degrees of education such as an associate’s degree, bachelor’s, master’s and even certificates in business administration, arts and sciences, health care, criminal justice, information technology, legal studies, education and nursing. Also, through KCE, professional certificates can in health care, business and finance can also be acquired.

Kaplan Incorporated is a part of the renowned company The Washington Post. This organization has major operations in the field of education and broadcasting, which also includes magazine and newspaper publications such as Newsweek and The Washington Post, as well as six network-associated VHF TV stations and Cable One TV programming.

Program Description

With the surge in the number of medical patients nowadays, the need for more medications also goes up, which also means an increase in pharmaceutical demands. Kaplan University’s continuing educational program for pharmacy technicians promises its students quality education by utilizing the strictest standards in professionalism, confidentiality and ethics. The program for pharmacy technician certificate has been created so that its students will acquire an extensive comprehension of the pharmaceutical and medical terms, as well as the ramifications of different drugs on the human body. All these are important so that the pharmacy technician can be relied upon not only by the patients, but physicians, medical practitioners and pharmacists themselves as well.

The role of pharmacy technicians is very crucial – whether it is in pharmacies, hospitals, retail, or mail-order scenarios. It is through the pharmacy technician educational program that students will be properly trained to be ready for this very important role in the industry.

Aspiring pharmacy technicians will be groomed to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

1.) Keeping track of daily pharmacy transactions and assisting the pharmacist in other important duties

2.) Preparation, transcription and estimation of the prescriptions made by the doctor.

3.) Management and processing of medical insurance claimed by patients while keeping track of their records

4.) Helping in the enforcement of the pharmacy’s quality control procedures as well as its security protocols.

Pharmacy technician graduates can look forward to promising career opportunities in hospitals, health care facilities and mail-order pharmacies. And with the school’s continuing educational program, there’s no reason for you not to achieve your desired success.

The pharmacy technician program requires its applicants to have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Courses included in the pharmacy technician program:

  • Introduction to Pharmacy

  • Fundamental Pharmacy Concepts

  • Pharmacology

  • Top 200 Drugs

  • Pharmaceutical Calculation

  • Community Pharmacy Practice

  • Health-System Pharmacy Practice

  • Community Pharmacy (optional)

  • Health-System Pharmacy Externship (optional)

The program requires the student to complete 160 hours of externship, which is not entitled for any form of compensation. They also take an active part in actual pharmacy operations, so that they will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge and experience to be proficient in their job. It will be the student’s responsibility to seek a pharmaceutical company to which they will have their externship with and may also need to comply with any requirements set forth by their chosen company.

It is the goal of KCE’s pharmacy technician program to mold students who will have the sufficient knowledge and skills to become a competent pharmacy technician, and most importantly, be able to acquire a professional license through successful completion of the PTCE or Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination as conducted by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.

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