Pharmacy Technician Training

A Career As A Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician career is among the top ten positions among all professionals and is home to the fastest growing job market. Pharmacy technicians receive excellent pay and do not even need to engage in a lot of training. Most of it, in fact, can be done online.

There are figures available on the popular career in the realm of a Certified Pharmacy Technician. These pharmacy technician positions are ranked in the number ten spot for workers ages 16-24. They are also ranked at number twenty-two among the careers for women. There are also sixty overall in a recent study (United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics) for the top one hundred fastest-growing jobs in the nation. This does not come from a fly by night study. It comes from a variety of analytical sources that have been meticulously researched. The growth rate of this job market is 28.8% with over 39,000 annual openings.

A pharmacy technician will work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. These professionals partake in various duties that may be different among specific employment regions.

  • Measuring, keeping count, mixing items, label production, and recording medication amounts and doses.

  • taking receipt of all written prescriptions as well as requests for refills

  • verify all patient information so as to maintain accuracy

  • storing and securing important drugs

  • answer a telephone when needed

  • respond to questions or requests from patients

  • fill all bottles with necessary prescription medications

  • prepare the needed labels for prescription containers

  • assist customer inquiries

  • refer patients to a pharmacist for counseling when needed

  • price all prescriptions

  • filing the prescriptions after the pharmacist has filled them

  • clean the work area and equipment after use

  • maintain patient profiles for future reference

  • order needed medication, supplies, and chemicals

  • stock medicine and common pharmaceutical products

  • maintain a computer based inventory

  • prepare sterile products including total artificial nutrition and chemotherapy treatments

  • prepare medical insurance claim forms and records for billing

  • mix needed preparations according to prescriptions

  • operate the cash register

  • deliver medicine and needed supplies to patients, additional locations, and nurse stations

  • price, mark, and stock sale items

  • maintain other common pharmacy products including supplies and OTC medications

  • other duties as the pharmacist assigns

The vast majority of state will require that the pharmacy technicians are to be certified by national boards. The growing number of online training programs will promote course that lead to a completely credentialed position as a Certified Pharmacy Technician.

Of course, there are many career paths one could take to pursue this field. The programs length will determine whether the path yields a certificate, diploma, or an associate degree. All of these credentials have their value and will often lead quickly to employment. Students should take this into consideration prior to deciding whether or not to select a program.

Online training programs not only present pharmacy technician students with the skills to succeed in this career; the programs provide the student with the ability to attend classes on their schedule. These vast programs offer great support through email, discussion boards, message forums and chat rooms. Even online study groups exist to help the student prepare for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam which is a nationally recognized and standardized test required to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician.

The pharmacy technician profession is growing rapidly. New legislation is destined to pass which will require all individuals working behind the counter in the pharmacy to be certified. The number of these professionals will grow rapidly in coming years. Training in this field will guarantee that a student will be able to find long-lasting and fulfilling employment in retail pharmacies, online and mail-order pharmacies, hospitals, and nursing homes.








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