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Work of pharmacy technicianPharmacy technician training is widely expanding its presence online and now there exist an increasing number of individuals that are Certified Pharmacy Technicians thanks to enrolling in online coursework.

If you have been thinking about a career in the medical profession and would like to take an expedited path to making a great deal of money without having to invest in college, then looking at a career as a pharmacy technician could be the right plan for you. Pharmacy technicians are highly paid and remain a vital component of the pharmaceutical industry. The job duty of a pharmacy technician is very prestigious and important. Here is why…

A pharmacy technician is someone who is a major part of a health care team. A pharmacy technician will work under the supervision of a professional licensed pharmacist. The professional description for a pharmacy technician will vary and depends upon the environment in which he is employed.

Let us look at this position in a little more detail:

John is employed as a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) at his community drug store. Betty enters the pharmacy and hands over three prescriptions to be filled. John says hello to Betty from the counter, verifies her information, and tells her an estimated time that prescription will be ready for pick up. John will then enter Betty's prescriptions into the computer database. He does this prior to carefully selecting her individual medication from the pharmacy’s shelves.

Through the use of special equipment, John then counts the required number of capsules for each prescription. He even counts them twice. John will then package the capsules during the same time the computer prints out a needed medication label. This label is to be applied to the prescription bottle. John will then put all three medications into a separate holding case so the pharmacist can review them. Once the pharmacist signs off on the prescriptions after examining to make sure they have been properly dispensed, John will put Betty's medications into a bag and then into a holding platform until she returns to make her payment.

This particular database is designed in a way that Betty's insurance will be billed and John need only charge a co-pay on her medicine. After Betty has finished, John takes out a few moments to stock the shelves of the pharmacy. He stocks the shelves with an order of pharmaceuticals that have just been delivered.

John truly loves his pharmacy job because he is constantly on the move and is able to interact with individuals he is familiar with from around the neighborhood. Not only does he interact with them, he is able to help them with their personal health care needs.

Here is another profile:

Consuela works for the Mercy Hospital in the pharmacy section. As a CPht, Consuela manages the daily operations of the pharmacy. This then frees up the facility's licensed pharmacist to spend more time counseling patients. Consuela will not only help prepare products for those inpatient rounds, she will prepares IV drip bags. This is done through utilizing carefully measured formulations that are prescribed by physicians for patients. Sometimes, the physician will prepare formulations designed for use by patients that require the need of a feeding tube. Consuela also maintains the proper oversight of the inventory of the pharmacy while being sure to keep an eye on specific items that are becoming low in quantity. This is done to keep the pharmacy properly maintained and well-stocked. This way, patients will not run short of needed items during their stay at the hospital.

While both John and Consuela are Certified Pharmacy Technicians, they clearly show that not all pharmacy employees possess this certification. It is true that not all states will require those who work behind the counter at the pharmacy to possess or attain this certification. However, current trends are showing there is more growth in the profession requiring this particular certification. A certification not only makes sure employees are able to maintain their job if their state eventually requires certification, but they can also enjoy the pay raise that comes with such an offer. Attaining certification will show that the individual possesses the skills and knowledge to present optimal service in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the United States, there are two licensing bodies that are recognized by a great many health care institutions. These two licensing bodies are the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT) and the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). Anyone who successfully passes the certification exam these entities offer will earn the credentials of CPhT or Certified Pharmacy Technician.








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