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Associate of Arts in Health Care Administration - Pharmacy Practice

University of Phoenix was established in the year 1976 with the goal of helping working students receive quality education in the most convenient way possible. Through the systematic efforts of University of Phoenix, students of the 21st century now have access to education that goes hand in hand with convenience. Things like evening classes, flexible class schedules, continuous enrollment, online classes, online library, computer simulations, e-books and a student-centered environment – all these make University of Phoenix stand out from the rest.

This unique approach has helped University of Phoenix grow from its simple beginnings as an educational institution catering the distinct requirements of working students, which often go unnoticed. Most of all, the school aims to continue with their innovation in order to help its students balance their studies and other important activities in their lives.

Featuring almost 200 easily accessible locations and reliable internet delivery in numerous countries all over the globe, University of Phoenix has grown to become the current biggest private university in North America.

University of Phoenix offers over 100 educational programs in all levels, be it an associate’s degree, bachelor, master or doctoral degrees in highly demanded fields of employment such as business administration, education, health care and so much more.

There are six goals established by the University of Phoenix which are integrated in the experience of both student and faculty member:

1.) Professional Competence and Values – After graduating from the university, students become proficient in a wide range of disciplines and abilities, and will be properly applied on their careers.

2.) Critical Thinking and Problem Solving – Students will be able to identify, evaluate and solve problems, make use of their critical thinking skills in order to come up with the best possible solution.

3.) Communication – Students will have the ability to express themselves verbally in the clearest, most concise and grammatically correct manner.

4.) Information Utilization – Students from University of Phoenix will be very skilled in acquiring and utilizing information in order to make sound decisions and take the best courses of action.

5.) Collaboration – Students are able to work together as a group or as a team in order to achieve a common purpose or accomplish tasks.

6.) Team Learning – Students will be able to learn how to become both competent leaders and reliable members.

Program Description

Axia College, which is part of University of Phoenix, has degrees in Associate of Arts in a wide range of content areas. The curriculum, which is equivalent to 60 credit points, is designed to serve as the student’s base and overview within the academic curriculum of social sciences, communication arts, life sciences, mathematics and humanities. Education gives emphasis on cultivating the student’s writing aptitude, critical thinking, and the ability to handle and manage information properly. Emphasis is also given on the foundational competencies relative to the student’s chosen discipline. Completing the program for an Associate of Arts degree plays a vital role in a majority of students as this will be a good determining factor on their educational goals.

Taking up a degree in Associate of Arts in Health Care Administration focusing on Pharmacy Practice will impart students with sufficient background on the basic activities of both community and institutional pharmacies, including comprehensive studies in health care similar to that of a bachelor’s degree level. Subjects will usually include medical terms, disease diagnosis and medication, basic pharmacy operation and equipment, as well as processing of medical claims.

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